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Anika earrings teardrops silver

Anika earrings teardrops silver€16.95   €10.17

Art deco earrings, gold

Art deco earrings, gold€14.95   €10.47

Carnelian and wood earrings

Carnelian and wood earrings€9.95   €7.96

Danu earrings - lush coral

Danu earrings - lush coral€19.95

Devika earrings - atasi

Devika earrings - atasi€19.95

Earrings triangular brass

Earrings triangular brass€28.95   €17.37

Earth and fire earrings

Earth and fire earrings€16.95   €10.17

Half moon horn and brass earrings

Half moon horn and brass earrings€38.95   €23.37

Available in various colours.

Hoops earrings

Hoops earrings€9.95   €5.97

Ostrich earrings

Ostrich earrings€7.17  -  €7.77

Various colours available.

Ostrich earrings, blue denim diamant

Ostrich earrings, blue denim diamant€14.95   €8.97

Ostrich earrings, pyramid

Ostrich earrings, pyramid€8.37  -  €8.97

Various colours available.

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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items