What is greenwashing?

Sunday, 11 July 2021  |  Admin

What is greenwashing?

I have started recently to do reels on instagram about greenwashing and fast fashion in order to bring awareness on this phenomen and a bit of critical thinking. I have to say that I am thrilled by the response and received a lot of encouragement and kindness from followers.

I do believe indeed that it is better to buy less but better. The fairtrade certified logo guarantee that the workers are paid fairly, there is no child labour, that they use environmental friendly tools and products... So ideally buy Fairtrade. However, we are living in a real world and it can be extremely hard to find everything you want with the Fairtrade logo!

More and more companies would claim having an ethical range, doing something for the planet without any fact. They know that their customers want the brands to be more and more careful of the planet so they decided to adapt their marketing message to please their customers but in fact not much is changing in the supply chain. This is greenwashing.

So for instance, when Nestle says that they use "environment sourced chocolate" but they do not explain which standards are in place, how they supervise and so on, this is greenwashing.

When H&M introduces a "conscious collection" using sustainable material but only 0.7% of their range use recycled material, this is greenwashing. Or when they introduce a clothe bank in stores so people can bring their unwanted clothes in store and award the customers a voucher to buy more products, this is greenwashing.

Really, there is no miracle. In 20 years, an average customer buys twice as many products, 40% being unworn. We need to buy less first and then to question the brands to make sure that they respect some labour and environmental standards.

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