Have you heard about our secret boxes?

Sunday, 20 October 2019  |  Admin

We are now offering three types of secret boxes, all under the same principe: You get gifts for at least double the amount of the box! So if you buy a 25 box you will receive gifts for a value of at least 50!
All the boxes are different and I try to get some gifts from all categories and all suppliers so you have a great idea of what we have!
This box left recently and had:
Salt and pepper chubby penguins
Geometric eyeglass holder
Classic bike can
Set of earrings and necklace made of ostrich shell
Art deco bracelet
Greeting card
Geometric pot
Measuring tape

This is a great value and always a great surprise when you open a box!!!
Shop now https://www.fairtradegifts.ie/SECRET.html