My first market

Tuesday, 11 July 2017  |  Admin

I had the opportunity to have a stall at the red stables market in St Anne's park in Raheny. There is a craft market every first Friday of the month with crafters displaying paintings, handmade crafts and so on...

This was the perfect occasion for me to show my fairtrade products to the public and to see their reactions. The most popular items were without doubt the greeting cards! Some became even sold out! People were amazed by the handmade cards and their great value (€1.95!) being still fairtrade.

The second most popular items was the animal measuring tapes. Kids especially loved them. Finally all the products made of recycled goods (the pen pot, the frame, the bike, the wall hook, the clock, the ipad bag...) amazed the public.

It was great for me to see what people were interested in so I could tailor my offer. I am really eager to do more markets now. It was brilliant to see as well that people were very receptive to the fairtrade message and many asked questions about the benefits for the crafters and their communities.

All in all it was a really good experience, can't wait for more!