8 reasons to buy Fairtrade

Monday, 23 April 2018  |  Admin

Wondering why you should buy more fairtrade products?

Here are 8 reasons: 

1- Fairtrade guarantees for the farmers and artisans a fair price for their products. Moreover, they receive a premium which is invested for projects in the community.

2- There are more than 2500 fairtrade products today.

3- Fairtrade means decent working conditions. The producers receive visits from the Fairtrade foundation that checks the contracts, terms and conditions.

4- Fairtrade products are free of genetically modified ingredients and must be produced in respect of the environment (limited amount of pesticide, taking care of ressources such as the water...)

5- Fairtrade means better products. Having decent working conditions, the farmers and artisans are proud of what they are producing and give a special care to their products to ensure it reaches the highest quality. 

6- Support women's rights: The Fairtrade movement encourages women to become business owners and to earn enough to send their children to school. 

7- Be different! Fairtrade products can not be made at the same scale than fast fashion. Therefore when you buy a fairtrade product, it will be something completely different from what you would see in most of the shops. Moreover they could be made of recycled products meaning that each product is unique. 

8Buying fairtrade makes sense. You are showing that you care about where the product is from, who did it and the impact on the environment.