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Bamyan green necklace

Bamyan green necklace€19.95

Big lapis necklace

Big lapis necklace€64.95

Brass necklace

Brass necklace€10.17  -  €11.37

Available as a round necklace or a v-neck necklace.

Earth and fire chevron necklace

Earth and fire chevron necklace€24.95

Earth and fire lunar necklace

Earth and fire lunar necklace€24.95   €14.97

Earth and fire necklace

Earth and fire necklace€24.95   €14.97

Green agate necklace

Green agate necklace€64.95

Lapis necklace

Lapis necklace€49.95

Linked up necklace silver

Linked up necklace silver€29.95   €17.97

Mod pendant necklace

Mod pendant necklace€39.95   €23.97

Orange agate necklace

Orange agate necklace€64.95

Ostrich diamant pendant necklace

Ostrich diamant pendant necklace€14.95   €8.97

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items